When it comes to dreamy European getaways, destinations like Paris and Barcelona often steal the spotlight. However, Hyatt is on a mission to attract more travelers to a lesser-known gem in Eastern Europe. With the opening of four new all-inclusive hotels in Bulgaria, Hyatt aims to showcase the country’s beauty, affordability, and rich cultural heritage. This article unveils Hyatt’s new resorts and highlights the attractions and experiences that make Bulgaria an ideal destination for a sunny Eurotrip.

  1. The Allure of Bulgaria: Despite being an underrated beach holiday destination, Bulgaria offers stunning mountain towns, a low cost of living, and captivating scenery. Digital nomads are increasingly drawn to its affordability and natural beauty. The historic city of Varna and the charming coastal town of Burgas serve as excellent gateways to explore the country’s unique attractions.

  2. Hyatt’s All-Inclusive Resorts in Sunny Beach: Hyatt is expanding its global portfolio with two new all-inclusive resorts in Sunny Beach, a popular resort area in Bulgaria. Dreams Sunny Beach Resort & Spa caters to families, offering a range of activities, family suites, pools, restaurants, and kids’ clubs. Secrets Sunny Beach Resort & Spa provides a paradise for adults, with breathtaking sea views, swim-up bars, infinity pools, and a world-class spa. Both resorts promise an unforgettable vacation experience.

  3. Off the Beaten Track: Hyatt’s Resorts in Obzor: Hyatt also ventures off the beaten track with two all-inclusive resorts in the coastal town of Obzor. AluaSun Helios Beach and AluaSun Helios Bay offer tranquility and picturesque surroundings. These family-friendly resorts feature comfortable rooms, pools, restaurants, gyms, and dedicated kids’ areas. The My Favorite Club upgrade offers a VIP experience, while the Astro Club keeps children entertained.

Hyatt’s new all-inclusive resorts in Bulgaria present an enticing opportunity to explore the country’s hidden treasures. From the vibrant Sunny Beach to the serene Obzor, these resorts offer a range of amenities and activities to suit every traveler’s preference. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly getaway or a romantic escape, Bulgaria’s affordability, natural beauty, and cultural heritage make it a destination worth discovering. Visit Hyatt’s official website to book your next unforgettable vacation in Bulgaria’s coastal paradise.