JetBlue, the renowned low-cost carrier, has recently unveiled exciting new routes to Amsterdam, offering American travelers affordable access to this timeless European city. Departing from both New York and Boston, JetBlue’s transatlantic flights provide comfortable and convenient options for those looking to explore the beauty and culture of Amsterdam. With attractive prices and a range of amenities, JetBlue’s new routes offer an enticing opportunity to experience one of Europe’s most captivating destinations.

  1. Affordable Fares: Celebrating JetBlue’s Expansion To celebrate its third transatlantic destination, JetBlue is offering affordable fares for its flights to Amsterdam. Travelers can purchase the Core ticket, the carrier’s economy cabin, for only $479 roundtrip. For those seeking a premium experience, Mint tickets, JetBlue’s business class, are available for just $1899 roundtrip. These competitive prices make exploring Amsterdam even more accessible to American travelers.

  2. Convenient Flight Itineraries: Direct Routes to Amsterdam JetBlue’s direct flights to Amsterdam depart from two major U.S. cities, providing comfortable and time-efficient travel options. The New York route departs from John F. Kennedy International Airport, with daily flights departing at 10:00 pm and arriving in Amsterdam at 11:35 am the following day. The first flight from Amsterdam to New York will commence on August 30, departing at 13:35 and arriving in New York at 4:00 pm on the same day. JetBlue’s Boston route will begin on September 20, offering daily flights that depart from Boston Logan International Airport and arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Travelers can expect seamless travel experiences with these well-planned flight itineraries.

  3. Inclusive Amenities: What to Expect with JetBlue JetBlue ensures a comfortable journey by including various amenities in their ticket prices. The Blue Basic ticket offers comfortable seating, the carrier’s new menu, including the Build Your Hot Meal experience, a blanket, in-flight entertainment, and a carry-on bag. Both the Blue and Blue Extra tickets come with a free checked bag and advanced seat selection. For a premium experience, the Mint ticket offers lie-flat seats, priority boarding, gourmet dining, two checked bags, and artisanal dining. JetBlue’s commitment to passenger satisfaction is reflected in these inclusive offerings.

  4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: A Well-Connected Hub Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a renowned airport that accommodates millions of passengers annually. Located just 10 miles from Amsterdam’s city center, the airport offers excellent travel experiences and convenient connections to various destinations. With awards for its design, travelers can expect a seamless and enjoyable airport experience. The proximity to the city center and quick train connections ensure easy access to Amsterdam’s vibrant attractions and cultural landmarks.

  5. Amsterdam in 2023: A Captivating Destination Amsterdam’s charm lies in its picturesque canals, delightful stroopwafels, and unique biking experiences. While recent campaigns aimed at certain types of tourists may have raised concerns, Amsterdam remains a captivating destination for those who respect the local culture and rules. JetBlue’s new routes to Amsterdam offer an excellent opportunity to explore the city in the shoulder seasons of September and October, when crowds are typically smaller, ensuring a more authentic and immersive experience.

JetBlue’s new routes to Amsterdam provide American travelers with affordable and convenient access to this timeless European city. With competitive fares, comfortable flight options, inclusive amenities, and a well-connected airport, JetBlue ensures a seamless travel experience to Amsterdam. As long as visitors respect the local culture and rules, Amsterdam’s canals, stroopwafels, and biking experiences await, promising an unforgettable.