Many seasoned travelers know the drill of navigating U.S. Customs after an international flight. But what if we told you that you could skip this step entirely when landing in the U.S.? Believe it or not, there are a handful of countries where you can go through U.S. Customs before heading home. Imagine disembarking from your flight and heading straight out of the airport, just as if you’d returned from a domestic trip.

Now, what if this destination also happens to be one of the Caribbean’s most enchanting islands? Welcome to Aruba, the ‘One Happy Island’.

While other Caribbean hotspots like Cancun and Montego Bay often steal the limelight, Aruba offers a distinct charm that might just redefine your vacation experience. This sunny and welcoming island, fondly referred to as ‘One Happy Island’, promises a sense of tranquility and hospitality from the moment you step off the plane.

The island’s relatively small size (just 20 miles long and 6 miles wide) ensures a short transfer from the airport to your hotel. For many travelers, the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino emerges as a top choice, boasting an array of amenities to meet every holidaymaker’s needs.

Settling into Island Life

If it’s your first time visiting Aruba, take the opportunity on your arrival day to unwind on the resort’s beach. No matter how wearying the journey may be, the white sandy beaches of Aruba will quickly make the flight feel like a distant memory.

Palm Beach, a popular choice for first-timers (and honestly, anyone returning), is an idyllic 2-mile stretch of sand that provides all the elements of a dream Caribbean vacation – beach bars, restaurants, shops, casinos, and a host of watersports.

Embracing the Aruba Experience

Even with its allure, it’s unlikely you’ll spend every moment on Palm Beach. And you shouldn’t. When planning my trip, I chose the Aruba Marriott & Stellaris Casino, a property that offered everything I could possibly need within its grounds. The need to leave the resort was virtually non-existent – whether it was deodorant, toothpaste, nail clippers, or even snorkel gear that I had forgotten to pack, I could find it all with a simple trip downstairs.

Choosing the Marriott for my inaugural trip to Aruba proved to be an excellent decision, and it’s one I plan to repeat for my subsequent visits. The unforgettable combination of a well-appointed room and sipping morning coffee on the balcony while watching the sunrise etched a lasting memory.

So, if you’re planning a vacation and considering a Caribbean destination, give Aruba a thought. It’s more than just a happy island – it’s a slice of paradise that offers a seamless travel experience and a tranquil setting to unwind. Once you’ve been here, the chances are you’ll be yearning to return before you’ve even left.