As international flight prices continue to rise this summer, finding the best deals is crucial for travelers. Fortunately, there are several online tools available to help you search for the most affordable flights. In this article, we will introduce five trusted websites that can assist you in finding the best flight deals and making informed decisions for your travel plans.

  1. Google Flights: Google Flights is a leading search tool that aggregates available fares from airline websites, allowing you to book directly with the airline or through a third-party agency. It provides transparent information on fares, hidden fees, and fare changes. Google Flights also offers a comprehensive flight price calendar and convenient price alerts for your favorite destinations. However, it may not include all airlines, and there might be a delay in updating prices.

  2. Momondo: Momondo is a hybrid travel agency and search engine that provides detailed flight information on one page. It offers features like airline health policies, baggage policy summaries, and probabilities of delays. Momondo’s “When To Buy” feature provides guidance on whether you should purchase now or wait. However, it includes a higher percentage of self-transferred flights and third-party offers, and handling itinerary changes is easier when booking directly with the airline.

  3. Skyscanner: Skyscanner is an excellent tool for finding the lowest fares. It allows you to search for cheap round-trip tickets to specific destinations or entire countries. Skyscanner is known for its accuracy in country-wide searches and provides a star rating for third-party agencies in search results to ensure reliability.

  4. Hopper: Hopper is a mobile app that predicts ticket prices and helps you find the best routes at the lowest prices. Its accurate price predictions and freezing price feature are highly appreciated by travelers. Hopper’s mobile-friendly interface and intuitive design make it stand out among other apps.

  5. Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights): Going specializes in finding mistake fares, where airlines accidentally offer significantly discounted tickets. It offers free and paid memberships to access real-time deals. Going ensures that the flights it notifies you about are convenient and worthwhile, providing incredible deals for spontaneous travelers.

When searching for the best flight deals this summer, consider using online tools like Google Flights, Momondo, Skyscanner, Hopper, and Going. Each tool offers unique features and advantages, such as comprehensive fare searches, detailed flight information, price predictions, and access to mistake fares. Remember to compare prices across multiple platforms and book directly with airlines for better handling of itinerary changes. Additionally, don’t forget to secure travel insurance for your upcoming trip for added protection and peace of mind.