Los Cabos has experienced a surge in tourism, attracting a record number of visitors to its shores. While the popularity brings benefits, it can also diminish the tranquility that once characterized the area. For travelers seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the chaos, Mar Del Cabo boutique hotel is the perfect choice. With its charming beachfront location, personalized service, and unique character, Mar Del Cabo stands out as a hidden gem in Cabo’s bustling scene. This comprehensive review will delve into the hotel’s offerings, including amenities, rooms, dining experiences, and its serene beach setting.

  1. Location and Setting: Situated between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Mar Del Cabo is conveniently located right on the beach. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to reach the hotel from San Jose Del Cabo Airport. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a refreshing pink drink, setting the tone for a tranquil experience. The lobby offers panoramic ocean views and is adorned with bougainvilleas, creating a calming ambiance.

  2. Ideal Guests and Atmosphere: Mar Del Cabo caters to sophisticated travelers aged 16 and above, seeking a peaceful and romantic vacation. It is a haven for couples celebrating anniversaries or honeymoons, groups of friends looking to unwind, and solo travelers in search of tranquility. Families with small children and those seeking a vibrant party scene may find other options more suitable. The hotel’s intimate size also makes it a perfect venue for intimate weddings.

  3. Hotel Size and Room Types: Mar Del Cabo boasts a total of 50 rooms, striking a balance between offering ample amenities and maintaining an intimate atmosphere. Each room has its own unique character, ensuring a distinct experience for guests. The entry-level suites with garden views start at over 600 square feet, providing spacious accommodations. The rooms are scattered across various hallways, with bridges and stairs separating them from the beach. The hotel’s architecture and outdoor areas exude a Greek-inspired charm, while the interior decor showcases Mexican art and crafts, reflecting the country’s rich history.

  4. On-Site Amenities: Despite its boutique size, Mar Del Cabo offers excellent amenities for guests’ comfort and enjoyment. These include a well-equipped gym, a pool, beach chairs and umbrellas, a restaurant and bar, concierge and front desk services, room service, and daily housekeeping. Guests can also take a short walk or a golf cart ride to the nearby Grand Velas resort for spa services at its renowned spa.

  5. Dining Experience: The hotel’s ocean-view restaurant, Encanto, offers a delightful culinary experience. The focus on local ingredients sourced from farmers, fishermen, and purveyors adds to the exceptional taste of the dishes. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Encanto. The breakfast menu features delicious options such as avocado toast with beet-hummus and feta, creating a perfect start to the day. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed à la carte, with highlights including the taco bar, parmesan-crusted sweet potato, quinoa and cauliflower fritters, and Angus filet mignon. The restaurant also serves drinks and snacks by the poolside and beach from 11:00 to 6:00.

  6. The Beach Experience: Mar Del Cabo offers a serene and low-traffic beach, providing a sense of seclusion. The area features stunning rocks, ideal for picturesque photo opportunities, as well as sandy sections for leisurely walks along the shore. While the ocean temperatures can be chilly during the winter months, they warm up from August until November, making it a pleasant time for swimming.

Mar Del Cabo boutique hotel offers a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling tourism scene of Los Cabos. With its small size, personalized service, and unique character, it provides an idyllic retreat for sophisticated travelers seeking relaxation and romance. The hotel’s charming rooms, Greek-inspired architecture, excellent amenities, delightful dining experiences, and a secluded beach make it a standout choice for those looking to escape the crowds. Cherish the opportunity to experience this slice of paradise dating back to the 1950s before it becomes a distant memory.